Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dam Funk

I've been bumping Dam's shit for a hot minute now and finally dude is getting some respect. Homey just to signed to Stones throw and Stephen A even had it in the whip the other day. Big up for dude keeping it authentic on the funk tip and not being on some hipster gay Modern Soul but fake as fuck ghey dog boner lank dean pie fucker shit. Peep his myspace and cop his new 12" put in on when a bitch is at the crib this summer and you will get a handy.

Dear Hillary

Dear Hil,


Sicnerly you friend in christ



Dude for reals people. I have seen the new NERD video posted on hella blogs. Does anyone care about this shit? Fools are just passing off other peoples posts and all this gay viral shit goes from one lank to the next. ..I will piss on all of your faces if you will please send me your address. Serious it's on me... I will make the trip. I will fork over the $3.99 and cook asparagus 4 hours before the act. All you need provide is a smile.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Immapeeonyou.com has obtained the following document straight from our political correspondent Senator Howard Dean. Remember you read it here first.

Dear Hillary,

Why you being a lank? For real tell me. Is Bill not dickin right no more? I mean I cant blame him girl. Have you looked in a mirror lately? Maybe the total lack of sleep from campaigning has got you thinkin its cool to look like a zombie tranny that bathes in vodka and pickle juice, but no. Wrong. False. I will veto that booty any time it comes across my desk.

Onto a much larger issue You need to drop out of this race. See your cool and all that but your just making cats look bad now. Like a desperate merle at a coke party we all know whats up.... you about to get stuck. Now its just a question of how many deans gonna run up in it. Why not just bow out with some grace? I can't stand the thought of McCain wining this race. He is pro life and pro war and if theres two things a Dean hates they are child support and getting shot at. Hill if you reading this Stephen A asked that you post your number in the comments. His penis does not discriminate. Yous a dirty ho .. One love I'm out

Howard Dean